Instructional Technology & Pedagogy Support Services for Faculty

SAS Computing and other groups at Penn offer a variety of services to support the effective use of technology for teaching. 

Contact with questions about technology for teaching

Canvas Course Sites
Preparing & using digital teaching materials and other online references
Technology in the classroom
Planning and implementing active learning assignments for students
Using computer labs, specialized software or data sources
Academic support services
Technology skills workshops & tutorials

Canvas Course Sites
Canvas has an impressive range of capabilities, but many instructors aren't sure how to make good use of what's available.  You can get started with the basics, or learn how to use more advanced features to support your specific needs.
Create a Canvas site for your class. Canvas sites aren't automatically created for all courses; click the link above to request a site for your class, or click here for more information on how to get started with Canvas
Learn how to organize a basic Canvas site, use the grade book, email and other essential features
Add reserve readings and other Library resources to your Canvas site 
Help your students work together outside of class with communication and collaboration tools
Preparing & using digital teaching materials and other online references
You can convert your existing teaching materials into digital formats, create new materials, access online collections and understand how to integrate them into your teaching.
Digitize audio or video from existing media
Pre-record lectures or demonstrations for your students to view on demand
Use Library collections of images and videos
Understand copyright, fair use or privacy issues related to digital media
Technology in the classroom
We offer several services which can help you make the best use of your time in the classroom
Find a classroom that fits your specific needs
Use "clickers" for instant polling in class
Invite guest experts to participate in class via audio or videoconferencing
Record your class session or special events
Reserve a classroom for special sessions or academic events
Planning and implementing active learning assignments for students
There's more to modern scholarship than just writing a traditional paper. You can engage your students by having them use new methods for producing and publishing their work.
Plan assignments where students create multi-media content
Organize poster sessions for students
Provide collaboration tools to facilitate group work
Get student work published in Penn's electronic journals
Using computer labs, specialized software or data sources
You can have your students use specialized software to analyze problems, or conduct other hands-on computing activities in class
Reserve a computer lab for class sessions or other group activities
Reserve the Weigle Information Commons seminar room (includes 20 Windows laptops, 35 "clickers" video/podcasting capability)
See what software is available in campus computer labs
Request software that's not already available in classrooms or labs
Create tutorials or demonstrations to help your students learn to use unfamiliar tools or techniques
Have students bring their own computers to class
Have your students access data sources from the Library
Request a session in a computer classroom to help your students learn about research tools and methodologies
Academic support services
Penn offers a number of services that help your students get the most out of their education. We can help you put your students in touch with these service providers, or prepare customized programs to support your course
Subject specialist librarians work with classes and with individual students to facilitate access to research materials and to support the use of citation management software.
Communication Within the Curriculum (CWiC) prepares students for public speaking activities
The Writing Center will work with students at any stage in the writing process, helping them to improve their papers and develop their skills.
Weingarten Learning Resources Center helps students with time management, study strategies, academic reading, time management or support for students in difficulty
The Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) helps instructors at all levels to develop and improve their teaching
Technology skills workshops & tutorials
SAS Computing and the Library offer workshops and other resources for instructors and others who want to develop their technical skills
The Weigle Information Commons offers many workshops throughout the year where faculty or students can learn how to use the latest technology
The Weigle Information Commons has many online tutorials available concerning popular technologies
Technology workshops for SAS faculty. Topics include Canvas, Powerpoint, Photoshop, etc. tailored to the needs of SAS faculty
Online tutorials about teaching technologies for self-paced learning from the SAS Language Resource Center
Create customized workshops or tutorials to meet the needs of specific courses or disciplines