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Printer installation tutorial for Mac OS X

You must know either the network name (i.e. james.psych.upenn.edu) or the IP address of the printer. You will also need the model number of the printer.

Go to the printer button under system preferences folder.

Click add (sometimes this shows as a plus sign below the printer list). Depending on your security settings you may also have to click on the lock and authenticate to make changes.

Make sure the pulldown menu at the top of the screen says IP Printing and fill in the below entries:

  1. Select internet printing protocol in the pull down 'printer type' menu.
  2. In printer address, type in either the IP address or the full network name. If the name is not correct, please check to see if the printer is on, and double check the IP address or that you are entering the FULL network name.
  3. The Queue name can be anything you'd like.
  4. Select the model of the printer under Printer Model. Select a printer driver that matches your model from the list. If your model is not listed, you may need to download a driver from the manufacturer's website. Sometimes a close model is good enough, especially with HP's.

Click add, then pen a program and print a test page to make sure everything works fine.