Wimba Voice Direct

Wimba voice direct allows you to hold real time voice chats with members of your class. Only one person can talk at a time by using the "roving virtual microphone." This person can hold the microphone as long as he or she wants or until another person clicks on the hand(5) to indicate that they want to speak. When the person currently speaking finishes with the microphone by clicking on the red "x",(6) the system will automatically pass it on to the next person waiting in line for it. During the voice chat session users can also type to one another in the "chat room" text box.(2 and 3)

picture of voice direct

To access Voice Direct:

1. Go to the content area where you would like to add the voice chat room, such as Course Documents.

2.Go to the drop-down menu in the upper right-hand corner and choose from the list of options "Horizon Wimba Voice Direct " and then click "Go."

picture of drop-down

An instructor can archive an entire voice chat session by clicking the archive button (7) in the upper left hand corner of the session window.This allows you to start or stop archiving the session, and view the archives.

picture of archive





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