Media.SAS server upgrade November 15, 2012 7:00am - 8:00am


The upgrade detailed below was completed on 11/15/2012 at 8:50am.

Kindly email with any problems or bugs

This upgrade will bring

  • On-demand and live streaming support for most mobile devices.
  • MP3 playback can now be handled by the JWPlayer with embed code generated. 
  • Users can now move files and whole directories, allowing for better file system organization. 
  • Ability to generate embed code (iframe and legacy (object) style) with 
    • auto play enable/disabled
    • an xml text caption track
    • a specific start time
    • a poster image
    • custom sizes 

All existing links and embedded materiel, including mp3s, will continue to function and no change is needed by end users.



Previous updates

We will update this page as needed with additional information.

11/9/12 update: The upgrade was successfully completed and the system was back online as of 8:00am on 11/9/12

11/2/12 update: The upgrade originally scheduled for 8-9am on 11/9/12 has been moved up to 7am-8am in order to better accommodate early classes.

11/9/12 update: The storage upgrade went as planned and the server is back up and functioning fine. We plan to bring the additional capacity online on Monday around 2pm. There will be no expected downtime with this step. If you could kindly hold off on any large uploads until then that would be great.