Creating a DVD using DVD Studio pro in the MMS Studio

This can only done on LLAMA as it is the only machine with DVD studio pro. Start by copying the raw video files to the desktop into a folder named with the course or event name and the date.


Next, launch Final Cut Pro and create a new project (Shift  N) and save the project (Shift   S).


Next, import the raw files into the project ( I)


and drag them to the timeline. Trim the clip as needed. We are now going to make a reference movie by exporting ( I) the video.


Name the video file with the course or event name and date and make sure that the "Make Movie Self-Contained" box is unchecked.


Once the reference movie is exported, open Compressor and add the newly created file.


And navagiate throught the preset folders till you find DVD. Drag a suitable DVD folder to the file box. All DVD presets will result in two sperate files, one for the video (M2V) and one for the audio (AC3).


Next click on the Destinations tab and drag the Desktop destination to the two foiles now in the file box.



and click submit! Make sure to select the 'Camelids' Cluster from the Submit dialog. 


Once the files are done compressing open DVD Studio Pro. Drag the MMS One Up template to the menu window. 


You will see a MMS style logo and some title info. Now we need to import the assets, or files,  for our DVD. You can do this by clicking import Assets (Shift  I).


and select the two files from the Desktop. If the files are on a network location, DVD Studio Pro will crash


Once the files are in you Assets tab, you need to drag them to the Title 1 (green box).


We have now set our footage to be track one on the DVD. We now need to edit the DVD menu. Go ahead and double click on the Muenu 1 Box (Blue Box) and  you can type you title info in the provided text box. 


We now need to assign the button to target our track. Near the top of the window where you typed the title info you will see a Target drop down. Set as shown:


At this time you can simulate the DVD to make sure it functions properly and click the burn button to complete the disk.burn