Using the Rendering Cluster within MMS to Transcode Video Files

The Multi-Media Services (MMS) digital studio has a small rendering cluster that can be used to qucikly prepare a large amount of video files for the SAS media server.  The cluster uses the Apple Qmaster framework and takes advantage of parallel processing of upwards of 36 processor nodes.


Start by copying the raw video files to the desktop into a folder named with the course or event name and the date.


Next, launch Final Cut Pro and create a new project (Shift  N) and save the project (Shift   S).


Next, import the raw files into the project ( I)


and drag them to the timeline. Trim the clip as needed. We are now going to make a reference movie by exporting ( e) the video.


Name the video file with the course or event name and date and make sure that the "Make Movie Self-Contained" box is unchecked.


Once the reference movie is exported, open Compressor and add the newly created file.


Drag the desired preset to the file box.


and click submit! Make sure to select the 'Camelids' Cluster from the Submit dialog. 


You can compress about an hour of HD video in about 13 minutes. The finished file with be on the Hump storage folder called "completed jobs". Archive the project folder to the Hump storage folder named for the current term.