IEM fixlet/analysis request form

Applocker/SRP exception form

Before completing this form, put the executible of the program in \\sas\sasc\shares\distatff\projects\srp_exception_needed with your pennkey in the folder name.

Please note who this is for (person, lab, etc)

Request to add computer model support to MDT

Before filling out this form, please check this page to make sure the model is not already supported: 

Run "wmic computersystem get model" in a cmd window and paste the output here.


Run "wmic csproduct get vendor, version" in a cmd window and paste the results here.


Paul test - port active

This form can accomodate up to 4 ports.  If you have a larger request, please submit via Footprints.  If there are any unusual access issues or private VLANs involved, please specify in the Additional Notes area.  Please note that SAS Computing pays for data ports only.  VoIP ports must be submitted to ISC directly at


For faculty who like the idea of Discussion Boards in their Canvas sites, but want to boost student engagement with them, YellowDig may be the answer.

YellowDig is a Canvas plug-in that has variously been described as "a synthesis of Reddit and Instagram" and "discussion boards on steroids".  It allows instructors and students to post articles and files, web links and audio/video media to a "feed" available to the class.  Users can view the posts on laptops or smartphones, and can comment on the materials posted, building engagement and a sense of community.