ISC's Secure Share File Exchange Service

What is Secure Share?

Secure Share is a web-based application for secure file exchange available to Penn faculty and staff. Users may upload and download files via Secure Share and the application ensures that files reach only the intended recipients. Files are encrypted when they are uploaded, downloaded, and while being stored, and e-mail notifications are sent to designated recipients when files are available for retrieval. Files are automatically deleted after they are retrieved by a designated recipient; files that are not retrieved within 30 days are deleted from the system. Secure Share should not be used as a document storage mechanism, but rather as a safe alternative to file exchange methods such as e-mail, FTP, and portable devices for sharing documents with sensitive information cross campus.


ISC developed Secure Share in response to the increasing need to securely exchange documents that contain sensitive information. Secure Share is another component of Penn's security strategy, providing a campus-wide mechanism to ensure the safety and privacy of University data. Though there should be a very limited need to exchange sensitive or confidential information electronically, when members of the Penn community are required to do so, Secure Share provides a safe and easy-to-use mechanism.

Who may use Secure Share?

Secure Share is available to all Penn faculty and staff with a valid PennKey and PennKey Password.


Secure Share is currently available at (or after authentication with a PennKey and PennKey password. We are communicating its availability to the IT community first, with end-user communications to follow.

Benefits of Secure Share

Some of the key benefits of using Secure Share are:

  • Reduces the University's exposure to data compromise issues such as identity theft
  • Protects confidential data in documents, such as Social Security Numbers, financial information, health information, student grades, etc.
  • Available to faculty and staff University-wide; eliminates the need for individual departments or Schools to develop in-house secure file exchange systems
  • Helps ensure that those who request confidential data are properly authorized to receive it
  • Data protected by encryption when uploaded, downloaded, and while stored on Secure Share
  • Secure and easy-to-use application


For more about Secure Share, including information on sending and receiving files, please visit the Secure Share web site at Questions about Secure Share can be addressed to

--ISC Information Security