Combining documents in PDFCreator

The following steps are used to combine documents with PDFCreator.

  1. Open all documents.
  2. When printing first document from PDFCreator, click Wait - Collect (not Save) to put document in the list waiting to be "printed" (this list is displayed in the Print Monitor window).screenshot print monnitor with first file
  3. As long as the Print Monitor window remains open, each document printed is added to this list. If the Print Monitor window has been closed or you are in a new session, you will have to click the Wait - Collect button to add the file.screenshot multiple=
  4. When all document files have been added, use the arrow keys in the middle of the tool bar to move the selected file up or down the list.screenshot for ordering
  5. When the files are in the correct order, select all of the files to combine, and from the Document menu select Combine (Document > Combine). Note: files remain in the Print Monitor window until, printed, deleted from the Document menu (Document > Delete), or combined.screenshot for combine
  6. From the Document menu, select Print (Document > Print) and proceed as normal for any document (note that the combined file has the name of the first file in the list and should be changed in the print form and the Save As window). screenshot print combined file