SAS Spam Shield Available for Facstaff Users

In response to the increasing number of SPAM messages being sent to SAS faculty and staff email addresses everyday, SAS Computing has implemented a new, state-of-the-art SPAM-filtering system on the email server, SAS Spam Shield.

SAS Spam Shield, powered by the Proofpoint Protection Server, has proven to be extremely thorough and accurate in our testing and we have received nothing but positive feedback from all faculty and staff currently using it to filter their mail.

The system is a little different than other spam-filtering systems you may have used. Instead of just filtering SPAM into a separate folder, SAS Spam Shield captures messages it suspects to be SPAM before they even reach your inbox. Then, twice per day, it sends you a summary of all of the messages that it captured. If you notice any legitimate messages that were mistakenly marked as SPAM, you can release them and they will be delivered to your inbox.

SAS Spam Shield is only available to faculty and staff on the email server. To learn more about SAS Spam Shield and how to get started using it, please visit the SAS Spam Shield site.

We highly recommend that you try out Spam Shield, if you have not already. We think you will like it.