Creating a PDF file from your syllabus

Courses InTouch includes a feature which allows instructors to make a preliminary syllabus available to students during Advance Registration.  The system requires that instructors provide the syllabus in PDF format. 

Here are instructions for creating PDF files:



Microsoft Windows

Since late 2007, most Windows computers provided to faculty by the SAS Computer Allocation program have included a piece of software called CutePDFWriter.  You can tell if you have this program installed on your computer by going to Start > All Programs and looking for CutePDF in the list of available programs.  If you find it there, you have everything you need to create PDF files.

If it's not already installed, you can download it from You may need to ask your department computing support person to help you with the installation.  (Need to identify your computing support provider?  Click here.)

Once you are sure that you have CutePDF Writer installed, here's what to do.


Open your syllabus document as you would normally.  Select  File > Print  You'll see the usual print dialog box with a list of available printers.  Select CutePDF Writer from the list as shown below, then click OK


Next, you'll see a Save As dialog box, prompting you to name your file, and select a location to save it.  Make sure you give the file a descriptive name; the software will automatically append the .PDF file extension.   Make a note of where you saved the finished PDF  file, click Save and you're done.  You now have a PDF version of your syllabus ready to upload to Courses InTouch.




Mac OS

The ability to create PDF files is built into Mac OS. Just go to the File menu and select "Print," as you normally would to print from Microsoft Word (or any other program). You'll see a button in the lower-left corner of the print dialog that says "PDF." Click this button and select "Save as PDF." Then select a location to save the file and you are done.



Ubuntu Linux

The ability to create PDF files is built into Ubuntu Linux. Just go to the File menu and select "Print," as you normally would to print from Open Office (or any other program). Select "PDF" as the printer and click "OK." By default, your file will be saved to the PDF folder in your home directory.