Printing for SAS Students

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Black & white laser printers are available in these locations:

The cost is $.07 per page for single-sided printing, and $.05 per page ($.10 per sheet) for double-sided printing, chargeable to your PennCash account.

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How does it work?

You can print to these printers in any of following ways.  Click on the links below to get detailed information:

Whether you're printing from a lab computer or from your own, the printing process involves 2 basic steps:

  1. Send your job to a queue.  When you initiate printing on your computer, you're not sending your job directly to the printer in the lab.  Instead, you're sending it to a print queue; you'll provide information to help identify your job in the queue.  Your job will remain in the queue for up to 2 hours.
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  2. Release your job from from the queue.  Each printer is attached to a release station -  a computer fitted with a card-swipe device.  Swipe your PennCard to activate the release station, locate your job in the queue, and click "Print." This will release your job from the queue, and it will come out of the printer.

    Your PennCash account is charged only when you release your job from the queue.  You are not charged if you send a job, but don't release it. 

Problems or questions?

Visit our printing help page