B5 Psych Grad Lab Software List


What is Installed in B5?

All Computers have the standard Pennconnect CD applications, Internet and B5 printer access


Operating SystemOffice SoftwareStat SoftwareImage software
DrizztWindows XPMS office 2003
R, Comprehensive Meta-analysis 
Orgone Windows  XP
MS office 2003SPSS 19
FitzWindows XPMS office 2003

Power&Precision Lisrel 8.5 

GandalfWindows XPMS office 2003
Adobe Acrobat 
Photoshop CS
SeregilWindows XPMS office 2003SAS 9.1.3


Fedora 7 Linux

OpenOffice, LaTeX

(Like Matlab)

(Like Photoshop)


If you need or would like to suggest software additions please email manager@psych.upenn.edu.