Psychology Network Access

Static (For permenant computers)

If you have a new computer that you would like set up on the network please email and someone will respond to your request as soon as possible.  It is required that a member of the computing support staff comes by and sets your computer up on the network so we can ensure it is set up securely.


DHCP (For temporary or visitor computers)

Step 1: Find the unique ID number (MAC) of your network card

A  MAC address is a number consisting of six alphanumeric pairs,  e.g. A0:00:00:00:B0:00 or A0-00-00-00-B0-00


Windows 7 / Vista / XP / 2000

  1. open up a command console (e.g., Start Menu . Run . type cmd . enter)
  2. type ipconfig /all
  3. find your network interface/card
  4. the MAC address (aka physical address) is the number consisting of six alphanumeric pairs


  1. launch System Preferences
  2. launch Network
  3. select the TCP/IP tab
  4. the "Ethernal Address" is the number you need


Step 2: Register the MAC for DHCP

First you need to click here and fill out the registration web form.  After filling in the form, it will take up to 5 minutes to take effect.  If you have more then one laptop or more then one network card you would like to use, you will have to re-register for each device.