Psychology Computing: Frequently Asked Questions

SAS Computing Psychology LSP Office FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions concerning computing services provided to the Department of Psychology


Many computing resources can be found online:

Email to the is the best way to contact our office. 

1. What free software is available from the university?

Site Licensed and free software for both on-campus and off-campus use, and for both university-owned and personally owned PC and Macintosh computers is available online at the Office of Software Licensing website. The same software is also made available in the fall and spring on the PennConnect DVD which is available for pickup, to request one just email for your copy. Software commonly included in this DVD is anti-virus, web browsers, file transfer programs, and email clients.


2. What software is available at a discount from the University?

The Office of Software Licensing website lists terms and pricing of software packages available for purchase by university funds for use on university-owned computers. Software for purchase by both departmental and personal funds is available from the Computer Connectionin the bookstore.


3. I need an Ethernet cable in my office, or I need a longer cable than the one in my office.

SAS Computing provides ethernet cables free of charge for on-campus use. If your current cable is too short,  or you need a new one please email your request to and a staff member will repond as soon as possible.


4. I can’t connect my computer to the network.

To connect to the wireless network please see these instructions for connecting: Wireless

To connect to the wired network please email and someone will be with you as soon as possible.


5. What printers are available? Is color printing available?

Department use printers, locations, and configuration instructions for black and white laser printing are available here. There are no department-wide color printers for general use.


6. Can I get a email address?

If you have a address already, then any email sent to will also reach your SAS email account. To use as your outgoing email address, just configure it in your email client.


7. Am I eligible for an SAS allocations computer?

Please contact to determine allocations eligibility.


8. Is there a color printer available for me to use?

Unfortunately there are no color printers available for public use. An often used on campus alternative is the SEAS Copy Center, which can be reached at 215-898-8115.


9. Is there a resource available for me to stream live audio or video from my website?

Yes, there is a SAS operated server for streaming media. You can request an account by filling out this form.


10. Can I have a mailing list set up for my class/group/project?

Yes, if you need a mailing list set up one can be set up on the SAS Mailman list server. Just send an email to requesting a list be created, you should also include what you would like the list to be named. The list name should be non-pennkey compliant (so, longer than 8 characters or including a dash. If your list's purpose is for a class these are automatically created by the registrar, for more information please see this page.


11. Can I set up a way to access my Windows computer remotely?

Yes, we can easily set up remote desktop access to your computer, for more information please see this page.