Psychology Onboarding

Getting Started Accessing Electronic Resources


Welcome to the University of Pennsylvania. This document will lead you through the process of opening accounts. If you have any questions through the process, please contact Sherry Weller at



Once you have been in Payroll for 24 hours, go to the Franklin building PennCard Center (3451 Walnut Street) and obtain your Penncard and have your picture taken.

Please see the Penncard webpage for Identification requirements:



A Pennkey (your login name and email address name) is required before opening any other accounts (email, Canvas, etc). Please note once selected, it cannot be changed. Ask your LSP (Sherry Weller) if you dislike all the options presented BEFORE choosing.


Standing faculty, postdocs and staff in payroll: You will be assigned a temporary setup code that allows you to activate your Pennkey online. You should receive a setup code in advance or at the same time you get your Penncard. You can also obtain one in person from ISC Customer Service, 3401 Walnut Street Suite 265B


Short Term Guests (less than two weeks): Can receive temporary Pennkeys for wireless and public computer access. Contact LSP with guest’s name and length of visit. If you have a large conference and require multiple guest Pennkeys, please contact your LSP (Sherry Weller) in advance.


Long Term Guests (more than two weeks): Customers will get a setup code to create a Pennkey. Sponsor's name, PennID number and guest’s Name and DOB are needed.



Wired networking (preferred):  If you would like to use the wired network you can either connect using DHCP or you can get a static IP address, if you would like to use DHCP see this page.  If you would like a static IP please email and include the make/model of your computer as well as the room where your computer will spend most of it's time.


Wireless Airpennet:

Wireless networking is available in several locations. In order to gain access, you need to configure your computer in advance. See the below link for directions or contact the LSP for assistance.


Guest Pennkey holders may use the wireless network by authenticating via the AirPennet-Guest webpage.


Email Accounts

Faculty (standing and non-standing), staff and postdocs are eligible for factstaff accounts.

They can open their accounts themselves by going to:

If the website reports ineligibility, contact your LSP (Sherry Weller).


Undergraduate and Graduate Students that are not eligible for a facstaff email account can create an account here:

Questions on student email can be directed to:


Domain Accounts

Domain accounts are used to access a variety of SAS services. You can request an account by submitting this form:


Home directories for file storage ("U drives") are generally only provided to faculty and staff. However, other requests be submitted with an explanation for review.

You can also request access to and shared department or lab directories on this form.


Meeting Maker

Please submit the below form:


Faculty and Staff are eligible for accounts. Staff must provide the names and email addresses of their supervisor and SAS Computing LSP.



Professors and TAs can have a Canvas account. To have a Canvas site set up for a course, use the online request form:


After submitting a request, courses will typically be available within one to two days. The library's systems automatically enroll a course's students, instructors, and TAs into the course's site.

Canvas documentation is located here:



If facstaff email eligible, customers automatically are eligible for space on web-facstaff.

Accounts can be enabled through the facstaff account maintenance page:

If a lab or group needs a website, please contact your LSP (Sherry Weller).