Psychology Poster Printer Tutorial: Access and Use


  • Printing is only for psychology academic poster sessions- a psych grad student, staff or faculty should be on the poster byline. No printing for other departments.
  • Everyone should take the 25 minute in person tutorial before first use.
  • Undergrads may only print during normal working hours (9-5 on weekdays) or with direct supervision after hours.
  • No personal printing.
  • Limit 'test' or 'draft' printing. Please be considerate of your use of the supplies.
  • Report all malfunctions and supply restocking needs to
  • Paper must be handled properly and room must be left clean. Not doing so may result in your printing privileges being revoked.


  • The poster printer gets very busy during major conferences, especially near mid-April. It is highly suggested you use the online Poster Reservations Calendar to reserve a spot well in advance. Computing is not responsible for scheduling issues. 
  • To avoid misery due to any possible technical issues, please print your poster several days before it is needed.


  • The room should remain locked at all times. To obtain or borrow a key, please see Joan Massimio in B51 (Solomon reception).
  • Note the door locks behind you automatically, please don't lock yourself out accidently.
  • Solomon is Penncard accessable after hours. Please see Joan to have your card coded for after hours building access.