Psychology Poster Printer Tutorial: Document Formatting


  • It is VERY IMPORTANT that your document fits one STANDARD (8x11") PAGE. The poster printer will perfectly resize it to fit the size paper you have loaded.
  • You should be able to print a mini preview of your poster on any standard laser printer on normal paper.
  • Do not try to create a custom page size like 60"x30". The printer is expecting a document of 8x11". If you choose not to heed my advice and try to override this setting, you will be very frustrated and printing a proper poster will be difficult.
  • If you format it improperly, please resize your document to fit the Standard page criteria. I will not assist in the printing of custom sizes.
  • You may select either a portrait (longest top to bottom) or a landscape (longest side to side) page orientation.


  • You may use any program or file format that MS Office and Adobe CS can open. This includes Powerpoint documents, PDF, JPG etc.
  • The Powerpoint 'transparency' percentage setting for adjusting the tone of background colors prints oddly. Don't use it.
  • The printer allows for a small white border. Do not try to reduce the standard page border in powerpoint or other program too much, or your poster may be cropped.
  • Posters with white backgrounds and without a frame all the way around generally look best.
  • There is not a font size recommendation. If it seems to be readable and you like the difference in size of your titles to text, it will look great when it is on a poster too.
  • Use the 'zoom' function in Powerpoint to help with layout.
  • When using graphics, avoid low resolution web icons and graphics. They may pixilate.
  • Posters should be short and concise and not be a reprint of your entire paper.