Psychology Poster Printer Tutorial: Changing Ink and Printheads


  • The printheads are the actual printing surface of the printer. They are located under the top window.
  • They rarely need to be changed.
  • If the printer indicates the printheads need to be changed, follow the LCD panel and the diagrams in the red instruction book.
  • There is a several minute test page that will print after the heads are replaced.



  • Ink and printheads are in the closet in the poster room.
  • Before opening any box, double check and make sure you open the right color and proper item.
  • Email manager@psych if you use the last of any of the supplies.



  • If the machine runs out of ink in the middle of printing, you will have to reprint the poster.
  • To avoid this, make sure to change ink before printing your poster if the printer indicates that it is low.


The below link will open RealPlayer in another window and play a two minute video that shows how to properly change ink. If you have problems opening the video, please download the latest free version of Realplayer Basic.

Watch The 'How To change Ink' Video