Research Data Services Presentations

Title Date Subject Area PDF version Notes
State of Computing 2008 2008-05 Annual Report state-of-computing-2008-pdf  
Using Technology to Collaborate 2008-03 Productivity technology-collaborate-pdf  
Remote Computing 2008-02 Remote Access remote-computing-pdf  
File security (v5) 2008-02 Encryption file-security-pdf  
Very Basics of R 2007-11 Quantitative Analysis   R notes
Introduction to Stata 2007-09 Quantitative Analysis    
New Student Orientation 2007 2007-09 Orientation    
State of Computing 2007 2007-05 Annual Report    
Firefox & Thunderbird add-ons 2006-12 Web, E-Mail   Installing add-ons
Stata Programming 2006-03 Quantitative Analysis    
Introduction to Stata 2005 Quantitative Analysis    
State of Computing 2006 2006-05 Annual Report    
State of Computing 2005 2005-05 Annual Report    
State of Computing 2004 2004-05 Annual Report    
Statistical Software 2004 Quantitative Analysis    
Synchronizing Folders and Files 2006-02 Remote Access    
Thunderbird Tips 2005 E-mail    
Using Linux to run Stata and SAS 2006-02 Quantitative Analysis