Social Sciences Computing Local Support Providers

Department or Center LSP E-mail Telephone Rounds
Center for Africana Studies Ani Leonhart
AFRC-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
Anthropology Amy Zoll 215-573-0896  
Browne Center for International Politics Chris Lake
BCIP-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
Center for the Advanced Studies of India (CASI) Taryn Kutish CASI-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
Criminology and Jerry Lee Center Taryn Kutish CRIM-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
Economics Chris Lake
ECON-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
Fels Institute of Government SSC staff FELS-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
Fox Leadership Program and PRRUCS SSC staff FOXL-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
History Amy Zoll
HIST-LSP@ssc 215-573-8397  
McNeil Business Administration Services Jim Kane MCNBAS-LSP@ssc 215-898-6744  
McNeil Center for Early American Studies (MCEAS) SSC Staff
MCEAS-LSP@ssc 215-573-8397  
Penn Humanities Forum Amy Zoll PHF-LSP@ssc 215-573-0896  
Political Science Chris Lake
PSCI-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
Population Studies Center Ani Leonhart
POPS-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
Sociology Ani Leonhart
SOCI-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
Urban Studies Taryn Kutish URBS-LSP@ssc 215-898-6454  
LSP Supervisor Jim Kane jim.kane@ssc 215-898-6744