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SAS Computing provides specialized support for research and high performance computing.

The Information Security and Unix Services (ISUS) group provides system administration and related services for Linux clusters and other high-performance systems. Please contact ISUS for more information about how we can help support your research interests.

SAS faculty and research staff can purchase a Matlab license for research use through Penn's volume license program. For details see our Matlab for Research page or for more information.


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Information Technology for Research

“Computer processing is involved in every aspect of knowledge-generating activity, including data access, data integration, data provenance, as well as visualization, modeling, and theorizing.”
-Prof. Junhyong Kim, Penn Program in Single Cell Biology

Computing is a growing component of research in many academic disciplines. Research computation can deal with vast amounts of research data on a previously unimaginable scale and can quickly perform iterations or parallel operations that would previously have taken years. Applications of research computation range from analysis of language in social media to single-cell genomics.

Here are links to resources for using information technology in research. For help choosing technology that is appropriate for your research, please consult your local support providers.

Data management plans Your research project data has a future... plan for it now!
Storage and backup Information worth researching is worth storing securely.
Large storage projects
(“big data”)
When your research data exceed the capacity of publicly accessible resources, you’re gonna need a bigger boat... we can help.
High performance computing We can provide a computing system that can crunch very large amounts of data and quickly handle millions of iterations or massively parallel calculations.
Sensitive data No one likes a data breach. We can help you stay out of the headlines if your research involves sensitive data. 
Encryption technology Encrypting your data can keep it secure.
Data visualization Effective visual representation provides alternative methods of analyzing and communicating complex abstract information.
Collaboration and sharing You may want to share your data with colleagues or the public.
Permanent public data repository Does your research need a permanent home and address? One that people will still be able to find years from now?
Custom applications or software development Do you need someone else to program special software for your research?

Links for learning how to use information technology and research tools

Training resources The University provides resources for learning how to use research tools.
Resources to learn programming Here are resources for researchers who want program in Python (iPython, Jupyter), Matlab, PHP, MySQl, Stata, etc.
Help building a web site We offer some resources for creating and maintaining a web presence.

Other useful links for researchers

Office of the Vice Provost for Research University Services for Researchers
SAS Faculty Research Support SAS-funded opportunities
Penn's Research Portal A wide variety of resources for researchers