Interview with Dr. Robert Beichner about active learning and the SCALE-UP model for "flipped" classrooms

On March 2, 2012, Dr. Robert Beichner spoke with a group of Penn faculty and staff via Skype to share his experience developing and teaching with the SCALE-UP model for active learning. Our discussion covered the pedagogy and outcomes of active learning, as well as facilities, technology and support issues.

Dr. Beichner is a  Professor of Physics at North Carolina State University and a leading expert in active learning methods, especially in STEM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).  He developed the SCALE-UP model of classroom instruction, a model that has been implemented widely in higher education.

Videos related to SCALE-UP teaching

Dr. Beichner explains the basic principles of the flipped classsroom (4:34)

SCALE-UP teaching at the University of Minnesota
SCALE-UP active learning at the University of Maryland Chemistry Discovery Center (3:02) 

Topics from the March 2012 Skype call to Penn

The essential structure and benefits of "upside down" pedagogy (1:32)
SCALE-UP integrates classroom design with pedagogy (1:09)
Finding the right size for student teams (0:59)

Active learning pedagogy is being used for a variety of class sizes and subjects (1:00)

Student interaction with faculty and peers is essential to learning (1:21)
Teachers and students do more thinking in the classroom and get more feedback (3:36)
Technology and access to information is part of the process (1:09)

Advice for developing goals, activities and assessments (3:50)

Learning how to not answer student questions (1:29)
Full length recording from the call (62:17)