MMS Workstudy Start Page

Welcome to Multi-Media Services! As a Workstudy you will play a valuable roll in the numerous operations that Multi-Media Services provides.

Configuring AirPennNet in Fedora 15

While the below tutorial is specifically for Fedora 15 it should work with any modern linux distribution which uses the Network Manager package for wireless network configuration.<

Students use high tech equipment and analysis to study motion

Larry Rome and John MacDermott introduce students to cutting-edge motion analysis technology. Three biomechanics students share their eye-opening videos.

When the Matrix was first released, the slow motion shots of Neo, the hero, leaping mid-air through fields of bullets, quickly became iconic. Imagine having access to a camera, in class nonetheless, that could slow time to a fraction of those shots.

Where Are My Classes?

To find the location of classes, check the Registrar's Course and Room Roster for the course.

Connecting to a network drive in OS X

  1. Click on the "Finder" icon on your dock, or your desktop background image.
  2. Select "Go" from the title menu bar.
  3. Select "Connect to Server.." from the dropdown menu.
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