PDF files from (La)TeX documents

At the current time there are two common ways of creating PDF files from (La)TeX documents.

PDFCreator Options

The Options window is displayed after clicking on the Options button. This window is used to set font embedding and compression options.

Combining documents in PDFCreator

The following steps are used to combine documents with PDFCreator.

Creating a PDF file for electronic submission of a dissertation

Electronic submission of a dissertation requires a file in PDF format.

Students - Purchasing a New Computer

CCAT Retirement Timeline

The CCAT server will be retired according to the timeline below.

Retirement of the server

The server was be retired on June 30, 2009. This will affect anyone who receives mail on the CCAT server, including anyone receiving mail at the following domains:

SAS Mailing List Server Outage

2/18 11:15AM: All mailing list services provided by should now be available again.

Printing in Cohen Hall

The printer previously located in Cohen 237 is now in room 235 - a small room near the central stairway. 


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