Printing for SAS Students: Setup your computer to print

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Now you can print directly from your own computer to printers in SAS Computing labs. 


Configuring Mail Clients For Use with SAS Email Services

Please select where your mail is delivered from the list below to learn how to configure your mail client for use with the appropriate service.

Contact SAS Computing

Information about many computer issues is available in this web site...

Useful Links & Contacts for Students

Below is a list of supplemental links that students may find helpful. The main computing help links for SAS students can be found by clicking


Many people are concerned about threats to their personal privacy, from receiving junk mail to being the victim of identity theft.

Social Sciences Computing - Using SAS with TrueCrypt

SAS can analyze data stored on a TrueCrypt disk; however, SAS must be configured to store work files on the encrypted disk. SAS creates temporary files in the “work” directory.
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