SAS Webmail Logon Pages

The list below shows links to the various webmail pages for SAS students, faculty, and staff.


Offensive, Harassing, or Threatening E-mail

The University takes offensive, harassing or threatening e-mails very seriously.  If you should receive an electronic communication that you feel is offensive, threatening or harassing please

Configuring your Facstaff account with Apple Mail

1. The first time you run Apple Mail, this dialog will automatically open.

Configuring your SAS email account as a Send As address in Gmail

As of August 2014, Google requires SMTP authentication for the account that you are attempting to send as.

Migrating messages from babel.ling to Google@SAS

You may wish to move email off of the babel.ling email server to a personal account or Google@SAS account.

Email through Comcast

Some people using Comcast for their internet connections are experiencing problems sending email through Facstaff. It appears that Comcast disabled some ports recently.

If you're experiencing this problem, here are instructions for configuring Thunderbird.

Facstaff setup for Android devices

To configure your Facstaff account on your Android device please follow the instructions below:

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