Facstaff Users: Sending Email From Verizon or other Broadband Connections

Verizon and many other internet service providers block certain types of connections used to send email on their broadband internet services (both DSL and FIOS). See the

SAS Email Accounts for New SAS Standing Faculty

How to obtain an email account
on the central SAS email server,

Retirement of the server

The server was be retired on June 30, 2009. This will affect anyone who receives mail on the CCAT server, including anyone receiving mail at the following domains:

Physics Computing Support Page - Email

If you are faculty or staff, then you are likely eligible for a "facstaff" account, and you should take a look here:

Blocked Email Attachment Types

We are silently blocking nearly all attachment types classified as unsafe in Microsoft Knowledge Base Article - 262631

Configuring Mail Clients For Use with SAS Email Services

Please select where your mail is delivered from the list below to learn how to configure your mail client for use with the appropriate service.

Facstaff Mail Client Configurations

The instructions below show how to configure several popular mail clients for use with the Facstaff mail server.