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Connecting to the SAS File Servers

This page is part of a Document Management series intended to help you work productively in a variety of situations.

This page contains links to instructions for connecting to SAS file shares from a computer on the campus network (or from a computer that has made a secure connection to the campus network from elsewhere).

Managing Your Documents: Working From Home

A few simple techniques make it possible to work securely and productively from home.

SAS File Server Basics

The SAS file servers are secure and highly reliable.  Most faculty and staff should use the file servers as their primary place to store documents.

Managing Your Documents: Working From Your Office Desktop Computer

You can keep your documents secure and accessible when your office computer is connected to the SAS file servers.

Managing your Documents: Working from a laptop

Laptops are more vulnerable to loss, theft, or damage than desktop computers.  Here are guidelines for how to keep your important documents accessible and secure.

Remote.SAS Web - Downloading Files

1.  Click on the folder that contains the file you are going to download, in this case "3D Scanner Docs".

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