information security

Security Recommendations

Some wise configurations to make in your Drupal setup include:

PGP Installation

Note: As of 12/8/2009 these directions assume you are working with a non-domain member machine.  We will provide additional details for domain-member machines.

PGP Installation

Provisioning a New Drupal Site

In order to begin developing a new Drupal site it is important to first follow some provisioning guidelines.

Supported Versions

Drupal supports one major and one minor release at at time.  Currently, Drupal version 7 is the major supported release and Drupal 6 is the minor supported release.

Moving Drupal Sites to Production

Once a Drupal site is ready for production it should be moved from the development environment to our production environment.

Drupal Style Guidelines

Minimum Branding Standards and Navigation Requirements

  • Use of an approved Penn logo on all pages of the site.
  • Links to the University and SAS home pages throughout the site.<

Drupal Secure Configuration


This document is intended for third party or outside developers who are developing Drupal sites in whole or part which will be housed on the SAS Computing central Drupal server.

ISC Announces Secure Share File Exchange Service

ISC Security writes:

We are writing to alert you about a new file exchange service developed by Information Systems and Computing (ISC) that is now available to Penn faculty and staff, called Secure Share. Below is an overview of the application, background, who is affected, access information, benefits, and where you can go for questions.

SAS SPIA Third Party Questionnaire

Penn has a questionnaire for vendors as part of our SPIA process.

Identity Finder FAQ for Faculty and Staff

What is Identity Finder?

Identity Finder is software that can find personal information, such as Social Security numbers and credit card information, that is stored on a personal computer. Penn has licensed Identity Finder to help users find and protect this kind of data.

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