productivity & collaboration

Productivity & Collaboration

There are several applications and productivity tools available to students that you should know about. The listing below highlights some of the most useful tools.

Linking Your Penn Live and Hotmail Accounts

Penn Live offers the ability to link your Penn Live account and your Hotmail accounts (i.e. an account ending in,, or

Penn Live Technical FAQ

This page contains a technical list of frequently asked questions about pennlive.

Recommended Settings for Penn Live

Penn Live has lots of options for how you can configure your account. Most settings come pre-configured in a way that is suitable for typical users.

Resetting A Penn Live Password

Please note that as of 6/12/12, Penn computing support staff will not be able to assist with reseting Penn Live passwords.

Click here for updated information on the Penn Live service.

You have two ways to reset a forgotten password:

Penn Live FAQ

This page contains a general list of frequently asked questions about Penn Live.

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