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10:45PM: All facstaff services have been restored.


Adobe Connect - Advanced Tips for Instructors

To explore the many possibilities for interaction with Adobe Connect, please see

Managing Your Documents: Working From Home

A few simple techniques make it possible to work securely and productively from home.

Adobe Connect Troubleshooting and FAQ

These tips are provided to help solve the most common types of problems encountered in Adobe Connect

If you have any suggestions for other tips, please s

SAS File Server Basics

The SAS file servers are secure and highly reliable.  Most faculty and staff should use the file servers as their primary place to store documents.

The media.sas server

The media.sas.upenn.edu server is SAS Computing's primary server for delivery of audio and video content. 


Faculty and staff in Penn's School of Ar

Managing Your Documents: Working From Your Office Desktop Computer

You can keep your documents secure and accessible when your office computer is connected to the SAS file servers.

Managing your Documents: Working from a laptop

Laptops are more vulnerable to loss, theft, or damage than desktop computers.  Here are guidelines for how to keep your important documents accessible and secure.

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