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Accounts for SAS Faculty & Staff

Depending on the services of which they need to take advantage, SAS faculty and staff may require access to a number of different systems administered by SAS Computing staff, by Penn's central computing provider, Information Systems and Computing, or by Penn's Library system.

SAS Windows Active Directory system

SAS faculty and staff use Windows Active Directory (AD) accounts to access many network resources, including departmental shared drives (file shares) and individual storage spaces on the SAS central fileservers (U:\ drive)

Windows Active Directory and Meeting Maker: Account Alteration or Termination

In the event of a faculty/staff relocation or departure, the Windows Active Directory (AD) and Meeting Maker accounts of the individual will have to be altered or closed.

Networking Services and Support for Faculty and Staff

SAS Computing staff members from the Desktop Computing and Network Services workgroup coordinate all wired and wired networking services for SAS locations, working in close coordination with SAS

CPN - Course Problem Notices

Help using the instructor course problem notice system, a function within Courses InTouch.

XCAT - External Credit Evaluation Tool

XCAT is the online External Course Approval Tool used to determine transfer, credit away, and study abroad courses for all students across all four undergraduate schools. Students request and departments evaluate transfer and study abroad credit with XCAT. Here are links and contacts...

Audience Response System “Clicks” with Instructors and Students

Anu Vedantham using Clickers

SAS Computing now offers Audience Response Systems, which we call “Clickers”, for use in classes.

clicker and handsetStudents use small handsets (pictured to the left) to vote on multiple-choice surveys or quizzes that are projected on the screen by the classroom computer or the instructor's laptop. Software on the computer collects the responses and displays a histogram of the results when voting has finished. The instructor can choose to indicate which was the correct answer, or can withhold this information to promote discussion. All of this is easily set up by the instructor using free software from TurningPoint.

Multi-Media Resource Room I and II

MMS videoconference station

Make a reservation for MMR I and MMR II

As the name Multi-Media Room suggests, these rooms can perform numerous functions. One popular use is the ability to create narrated demonstrations videos of any computer-based activity on Mac or Windows. We can then post these demonstrations on the SAS media server for students to view whenever they are ready to start the assignment. You can expect to find all the popular academic applications commonly found in our labs.

SAS Email Registration Errors

Eligibility Errors

SAS email account eligibility information filters down to our systems from the official records of the registrar, LPS, GAS, and departmental business offices.

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