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Letter of Financial Responsibility for Equipment Loan

Click the link below to download the Letter of Equipment Loan Financial Responsibility for Multi-Media Services.

Multi-Media Services Equipment Loan

Multi-Media Services happily lends portable audio, video and projection equipment for instructional use.

Supported Desktop Operating Systems

The table below summarizes what SAS Computing currently recommends and supports for operating systems. More details regarding some of the issues involved follow. Please also see the information regarding SAS Computing Hardware Support and Desktop Computer Purchasing.

Online Grading

Help and access information for the Online Grading system.

SAS Desktop Computer Allocations Program

This page describes the computer allocations program for SAS standing faculty.SAS staff should contact their local computing support provider (LSP) if they have questions about the program for staff. See here to find your LSP:

SAS General Meeting Maker Server

SAS Computing provides a shared calendaring service via Meeting Maker software. Meeting Maker comes installed on all SAS machines, and allows individual calendar scheduling and group meeting organization. People, locations, and resources (such as equipment) can all have accounts, and meetings can be scheduled with all three to both invite individuals and block out time with a room or resource.

SAS Computing Apple Options List

This table summarizes the standard options for new Apple computers provided through the SAS Computing allocations process for standing faculty only.

Models and specifications may fluctuate over time; please verify current offerings with the Computer Allocations Manager at (215) 898-0589 or allocationsATsas.upenn.edu.

Desktop Computing Information for Faculty and Staff

As with other aspects of computing support, SAS faculty and staff  receive their primary support for desktop computing (desktops. laptops, and other mobile devices) from their SAS Computing Local Support Provider (LSP).  However, SAS Computing staff members from the Desktop Computing and Network Services workgroup administer a number a number of programs and manage a number of systems relevant to desktop computing support initiatives across the School, as well as set standards for supported hardware and operating systems.   

Hardware Purchasing  

The SAS desktop computer allocation program provides computers to eligible faculty and staff.  Please check with your LSP for more information about this program.

Supported Hardware for Desktop Computing

The table below lists what SAS Computing currently recommends and supports for desktop computer hardware.

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