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Graduate Data Analysis Lab (GDAL)

The Graduate Data Analysis Laboratory (GDAL) has software for performing quantitative analysis.

Social Sciences Computing Computer Labs

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SSC administers these labs:

Accounts for SAS Faculty & Staff

Depending on the services of which they need to take advantage, SAS faculty and staff may require access to a number of different systems administered by SAS Computing staff, by Penn's central computing provider, Information Systems and Computing, or by Penn's Library system.

SAS Windows Active Directory system

SAS faculty and staff use Windows Active Directory (AD) accounts to access many network resources, including departmental shared drives (file shares) and individual storage spaces on the SAS central fileservers (U:\ drive)

Windows Active Directory and Meeting Maker: Account Alteration or Termination

In the event of a faculty/staff relocation or departure, the Windows Active Directory (AD) and Meeting Maker accounts of the individual will have to be altered or closed.

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