faculty & staff

Reading Newsgroups Via Command Line on facstaff.sas

The facstaff.sas cluster has tin installed for reading newsgroups.

Requesting Migration to a Facstaff.SAS account

If you are a faculty or staff member of the School of Arts and Sciences, you are eligible for a facstaff.sas account.

Frequently Asked Questions for Facstaff.SAS

This FAQ is for the facstaff.sas.upenn.edu email cluster, the primary email server for faculty and staff in the School of Arts and Sciences.


Using Webmail to Access Facstaff.SAS Accounts

  • Go to the SAS Webmail login
  • Enter your PennKey in the Username field
  • Enter your facstaff.sas password in the Password field

Classroom Technology

The Classroom Finder is an on-line database with detailed information about facilities, technology and support in Central Pool c

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