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Supported Hardware for Desktop Computing

The table below lists what SAS Computing currently recommends and supports for desktop computer hardware.

Desktop Computing Security Policies and Recommendations

SAS Computing has developed a set of policies and common practices designed to maximize the security of desktop machines.

SRS Help and Contact Information

SRS (student records system) help with password reset, gaining access, and usage.

Multi-Media Services Media & Production Services

Equipment Loan

Multi-Media Services lends portable audio, video and projection equipment for instructional use.


The Security and Privacy Impact Assessment (SPIA) is a University-wide initiative to identify and protect personal and confidential information across the University.

Information Security

SAS Computing Information Security staff help safeguard the security and privacy of confidential University data. Services include:

SAS Computing Local Support Providers — Programs, Centers, & Institutes

Here is a list of local support providers (LSPs) for SAS Programs, Centers and Institutes.

SAS Computing Local Support Providers — Academic Departments

Here is a list of local support providers (LSPs) for academic departments in SAS.

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