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Qualtrics is an online service for creating and administering surveys. The School of Arts and Sciences has a site license for Qualtrics.

Social Sciences Computing - Using SAS with TrueCrypt

SAS can analyze data stored on a TrueCrypt disk; however, SAS must be configured to store work files on the encrypted disk. SAS creates temporary files in the “work” directory.

Social Sciences Computing - TrueCrypt

For encrypting files on a PC, SSC recommends TrueCrypt.TrueCrypt is a free open-source disk encryption software for Windows XP/2000/2003 and Linux.

Social Sciences Computing Help Request Form

Faculty and staff who need support from the Help Desk can use this form to submit their request.


Research Data Services Presentations

Social Sciences Computing - Thunderbird Extensions

SSC staff have found these extensions or add-ons for Thunderbird useful.



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