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Tips for recording narration in PowerPoint

Recent versions of Microsoft Powerpoint include the Record Narration feature.  You'll find it in the "Slide Show" menu of Powerpoint 2003 and 2007 (Windows), 2004 and 2008 (Ma

Media.SAS Account Request form

Media.sas.upenn.edu is a special server in SAS that's used to host audio, video and other multimedia materials.  The server can deliver streaming quicktime files, or a variety of popular formats for download (Quicktime, Flash, mp3, m4a, Windows Media and more).

Take that lecture and can it!

Tired of delivering the same lecture over and over?

Technologies for Teaching in Case of a Flu Outbreak, Fall 2009

SAS faculty can use a variety to technologies for teaching to minimize distruptions caused by an influenza outbreak at Penn.

Class Mailing Lists

The University has set up a Class Mailing List for every official University course. The class mailing list has already been set up by the beginning of the semester. The instructor of record can send email to the list.  Our data systems populate each class list with the addresses that are in the Penn Directory for every registered student in the class.

How to Use Handbrake to Rip Clips From a DVD to the SAS Media Server

Flash Video - A how to

This tutorial includes information about how to encode Flash videos, upload them to the SAS media server, and embed the video into a Drupal page.

Encoding Video for Powerpoint

How to Encode videos from a DVD to Microsoft Powerpoint:

This video will walk you through the steps needed to insert a video into your Powerpoint presentation.

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