Encrypting Sparse Disk Images on OS X

This tutorial will show you how to create, mount and use an encrypted sparse disk image in OS X.  This is useful if you have some sensitive data that you do not want to risk having compromised

Natural Sciences LSP Tutorials

Below are a number of screenshot & instruction based tutorials which try to illustrate how to do many frequently requested tasks on a variety of operating systems.  If you have any questio

Remote.SAS Web - Downloading Files

1.  Click on the folder that contains the file you are going to download, in this case "3D Scanner Docs".

Remote.SAS Web - Uploading Files

1.  Browse to the folder where you’d like to upload your file, and click Upload Files...

Remote.SAS via the Web Overview

This page is part of a Document Management series intended to help you work productively in a variety of situations.

The Remote.SAS website is a browser-based tool that lets you access and manage your files on the SAS file server.  It doesn't require installing any software or changing any settings, but gives you easy access to your data from anywhere on the Internet.

Receiving Files via Secure Share

Receiving Files via Secure Share

1.  When someone sends you a file through Secure Share, you will receive an email that looks like this:

Secure Share Overview

Secure Share is a web-based application for secure file exchange available to Penn faculty and staff.  It is especially useful for replacing office processes that involve the sending of files with private information via email attachments.

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