Desktop Computing Information for Faculty and Staff

As with other aspects of computing support, SAS faculty and staff  receive their primary support for desktop computing (desktops. laptops, and other mobile devices) from their SAS Computing Local Support Provider (LSP).  However, SAS Computing staff members from the Desktop Computing and Network Services workgroup administer a number a number of programs and manage a number of systems relevant to desktop computing support initiatives across the School, as well as set standards for supported hardware and operating systems.   

Hardware Purchasing  

The SAS desktop computer allocation program provides computers to eligible faculty and staff.  Please check with your LSP for more information about this program.

How to obtain an email account on the central SAS email server,

(For New SAS Standing Faculty only)

The Regular Procedure
(After you arrive on campus.)

SAS Computing Local Support Providers — Programs, Centers, & Institutes

Here is a list of local support providers (LSPs) for SAS Programs, Centers and Institutes.

SAS Computing Local Support Providers — Academic Departments

Here is a list of local support providers (LSPs) for academic departments in SAS.

Help With AirPennNet

If you are having problems getting set up to use AirPennNet or if you are experiencing problems while using AirPennNet, help is available. Here are your help options, based on your University affiliation.

Fixing My Computer

Hardware and Desktop Issues - hardware and desktop support for students is not directly handled by SAS Computing.

What is the acceptable use policy?

The computer supports electronic communications for students, faculty and staff in the School of Arts and Sciences. In order to provide sufficient resources for the entire SAS community, we must limit resources given to each individual.

Using a personal GMail account for your SAS Email

If you are not using Google@SAS but instead forwarding your SAS email to a personal GMail account (e.g., there are a few things you can do to improve your experience.

Student Computing Support Services

Students who need assistance with computer problems can use the following resources.

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