server status & outages

RESOLVED: Slowness on facstaff systems

3/11: 10AM: Resolved.

RESOLVED: Thursday 1/15 2pm-3pm: Facstaff mail delivery problem

Between 2pm and 3pm on 1/15/2015 the facstaff mail servers were unable to accept mail from outside senders.  Senders would have received an erroneous message indicating "user unknown."  W

Thurs 12/4/14 5:10PM RESOLVED: Intermittent Network Outage

5:15PM We believe that all networking has returned to normal.

Planned Networking Outage, Sunday October 5th, 4am-6am

On Sunday, October 5th, 2014 from 4 AM - 6 AM, critical maintenance will be performed on networking systems in our data center. During
this time, many SAS IT Services will be unavailable.

Facstaff Mail Issues for Some Users: RESOLVED

As of 11AM on 12/16 we believe the system is stabilized.  We are still diagnosing the larger hardware issue and monitoring the system closely, but we hope to avoid further outages during busin

RESOLVED: Facstaff networking issue

This issue was resolved as of noon.  Thank you.


Scheduled SAS Web Downtime: Tuesday August 6th - 5:30 PM

We are scheduling a short interruption (23 minutes) of web services at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, August 6, 5:30 PM. All SAS hosted web services will be unavailable during this interruption.

7/24 11:45AM: Interruptions to Facstaff SMTP (mail sending)

As of 11:45AM some facstaff users experienced problems sending mail.  The hardware problem that caused the issue has been routed around, and all services should be available.

RESOLVED: 1PM: Facstaff Problem Impacting Web Account Services

As of 1PM all services are restored.


RESOLVED: Facstaff Web Account Services Currently Offline

As of 9:40AM all services are restored.


As of 8:15AM on 4/24, Facstaff Account Services is offline.  We hope to have this service restored by 10AM today.

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