Facstaff Mail Client Configurations

The instructions below show how to configure several popular mail clients for use with the Facstaff mail server.

Shell Access to Facstaff.SAS for Reading Mail or Hosting Web Pages

You can use a terminal emulator like SecureCRT to gain shell access for reading your facstaff.sas account email and for editing personal webpages.

Resetting your facstaff.sas password

If you have think you have forgotten your facstaff.sas password, remember that passwords are case sensitive (i.e., uppercase and lowercase letters make a dif

Reading Newsgroups Via Command Line on facstaff.sas

The facstaff.sas cluster has tin installed for reading newsgroups.

Requesting Migration to a Facstaff.SAS account

If you are a faculty or staff member of the School of Arts and Sciences, you are eligible for a facstaff.sas account.

Frequently Asked Questions for Facstaff.SAS

This FAQ is for the facstaff.sas.upenn.edu email cluster, the primary email server for faculty and staff in the School of Arts and Sciences.


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