Protect Your PennKey with Two-Step Verification

  • Faculty & Staff
  • Students & Alumni

Two-step authentication is now available for PennKey users! All of SAS staff and faculty are encouraged to opt in. It's easy, and it dramatically increases the security of your PennKey protected accounts.

ISC's new Two-Step Verification service drastically reduces the risk of your data being compromised and your PennKey being used for nefarious purposes. Because a PennKey login from a new computer requires not just a password but a verification code that is delivered to your smartphone (or a special token you can get from your LSP), it is much harder for malicious, unauthorized users to gain access.

password + proof = access

It is easy and convenient, too. After the initial setup, once you enter your PennKey and your authentication code into a computer you use regularly, the rest of your regular login procedures will not change. Anytime you enter your PennKey on a new computer, you will be asked to provide verification.

ISC has put together a page with quite a bit of good information at: It includes a link you can follow to opt in on your own. You can also ask your LSP for help if you wish. 

Here's a newer page, with information about Duo Mobile.

Two-Step Verification is also known as Two-Step Authentication or Two-Factor Authentication.

ISC's site even includes videos showing how easy Two-Step is, even for small children:

If you have additional questions, please contact your LSP.