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Scheduled SAS Web Downtime: Tuesday August 6th - 5:30 PM

We are scheduling a short interruption (23 minutes) of web services at 5:30 PM on Tuesday, August 6, 5:30 PM. All SAS hosted web services will be unavailable during this interruption.

7/24 11:45AM: Interruptions to Facstaff SMTP (mail sending)

As of 11:45AM some facstaff users experienced problems sending mail.  The hardware problem that caused the issue has been routed around, and all services should be available.

RESOLVED: 1PM: Facstaff Problem Impacting Web Account Services

As of 1PM all services are restored.


Courses inTouch: "Invalid Browser" error

Iif you're trying to use the most recent version of Internet Explorer (version 10) to get to Courses inTouch, you'll get an error message that you're using an "invalid browser."  Use Firefox,

RESOLVED: Facstaff Web Account Services Currently Offline

As of 9:40AM all services are restored.


As of 8:15AM on 4/24, Facstaff Account Services is offline.  We hope to have this service restored by 10AM today.

RESOLVED: Connectivity Issues with Facstaff Mail

As of 10:50AM all facstaff issues are now resolved.  We apologize for the inconvenience.



1/7/13: Some Facstaff Services Impacted

1/7/13, 5:15pm: The following services have now been restored.

* Facstaff web account services and fixpass

* Student configuration of mail forwarding

Engaging Students Through Technology, Oct. 26

The Weigel Information Commons (WIC) is hosting their annual symposium on Engaging Students Through Technology this Friday, October 26. The theme of this year's symposium is “Inside Out: Using Technology to Enhance Classroom Interactions.”

Completed: Scheduled Network Outage, Thursday, Jul 26, 6am-7am

Update 7AM: As of 7am all SAS services have been restored. If you notice any remaining issues, please contact your LSP.

Resolved:Mobile.sas Outage

10:30: All services are now restored.


10:15:Mobile.sas is currently unresponsive.  We expect service to be restored within 20 minutes.