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Facstaff unplanned intermittent problem sending mail

12/21 11:30 - 1:30PM: Some facstaff users may have seen problems sending outgoing mail.  We believe the problem has been corrected and all services should be restored.

Resolved: Facstaff server unplanned interruption

1:45PM: Problems appear to have been resolved, and all services should now be available.


One of the facstaff mail servers has experienced an unexpected problem.  We are working on the problem and routing services around the issue.

Don't Let Cyber-Criminals Toy With Your Data

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month. This year our focus is on protecting Personally Identifiable Information.  Our new website, yourdata.sas.upenn.edu answers faculty and staff questions:

  • Why protecting your sensitive data is important
  • How to to identify sensitive data
  • How to stay safe
  • Where to go if you need help

RESOLVED: 3:30PM 10/24/10: Facstaff Problem: Delivery of Some Incoming Messages Delayed

3:30PM: Mail delay issues should now be resolved and mail from this morning is now filtering into users inboxes.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  No mail should have been lost during this issue.

RESOLVED: 10/5 6:15PM: Facstaff mail service partial interruption

As of 7:45PM all services have been restored.


7/7 9:05AM: RESOLVED: Facstaff mail server unplanned outage


9:05AM: All services should be restored now.

Delayed Mail Delivery for Some Facstaff Users 8/25

Storage problems caused mail for some facstaff users to be delayed.

Identity Finder Console and Encryption

Attached are the slides used for a short presentation to Security SIG, August 19, 2010, on the Identity Finder Console use at SAS as well as an overview of some encryption technologies.

Web Security Demystified

The attached slides were part of the presentation on web security I gave to the Philadelphia Area New Medi