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Drupal Admin Menu Module 6.x-1.8 Approved

The Drupal Administration Menu module (http://drupal.org/project/admin_menu) version 6.x-1.8 has been reviewed and approved and is ready for use in production environments.  This update includ

Drupal Menu Attributes Module 6.x-1.4 Approved

The Menu Attributes module (http://drupal.org/project/menu_attributes) version 6.x-1.4 has been approved and is now available for use on Drupal sites.  The list of Drupal approved modules (htt

Drupal jQuery Update Module 6.x-1.1 Approved

The jQuery Update module (http://drupal.org/project/jquery_update) version 6.x-1.1 has been approved and is now available for use on Drupal sites.  The list of Drupal approved modules (http://

Adobe Reader And Adobe Flash Security Updates

On Monday, March 21st, Adobe issued updates for Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash Player to fix multiple security vulnerabilities.

Facstaff Mail Server, Small percentage of Email delayed delivery

3/6/2011, 4:45PM: One of our mail servers experienced a problem which has caused a small percentage of email to be delayed.  We have corrected the problem and the delayed mail should be delive

RESOLVED: 11AM 3/4: Temporary Outage of Groups.sas Mailing List Server

We are experiencing a small hardware issue with the groups.sas. mailing list server.  We expect service to return to normal by noon.

RESOLVED: Scheduled service outage for web-facstaff: Tuesday, 7 AM, 20110207

As of 8am all services have been restored.  Please note that the IP address for this server has changed.  You may need to adjust your firewall or ssh keys to permit connections to/from the new address:

Resolved: Facstaff Service Notification: Issues Sending and Receiving Mail

5:25PM: All services should now be restored.  Thanks.


Friday, 1/21 -- 3:50pm

Facstaff unplanned intermittent problem sending mail

12/21 11:30 - 1:30PM: Some facstaff users may have seen problems sending outgoing mail.  We believe the problem has been corrected and all services should be restored.

Resolved: Facstaff server unplanned interruption

1:45PM: Problems appear to have been resolved, and all services should now be available.


One of the facstaff mail servers has experienced an unexpected problem.  We are working on the problem and routing services around the issue.