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Online meetings with voice, video, screen sharing and chat.

The SAS Zoom Pilot

  • Zoom accounts are available to all SAS faculty and full-time staff.
  • Graduate students in Organizational Dynamics, Fels and MAPP programs are also eligible.
  • Graduate students in other SAS programs can request SAS Zoom accounts for use related to teaching responsibilities. Use the form below to request an account.
  • Undergraduates and others can create free Zoom commercial accounts by visiting http://zoom.us

About Zoom

  • Typical uses include online meetings, office hours, or other collaborations.
  • Zoom works on Mac, Windows and Linux computers.
  • Mobile apps available for iOs and Android devices.
  • Telephone call-in is available.
  • Online meetings can include up to 50 people.
  • Only the meeting host needs an account on Zoom; typically this will be an SAS faculty or staff member.  Students and other meeting participants just click a link or call a phone number to join the meeting; participants to do not need an account.
  • Visit https://support.zoom.us for lots of information on how to use Zoom.

Request an SAS Zoom Account

Zoom is being evaluated as an SAS Computing Technology Beta project

Hey — what happened to BlueJeans?  BlueJeans worked well during our free Spring 2015 pilot, but the licensing terms were not well suited to the large number of SAS users. Zoom provides similar functionality with licensing terms that better match the needs of our large school.