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THE PENN PROGRAM ON DEMOCRACY, CONSTITUTIONALISM, AND CITIZENSHIP (DCC) was founded through a $2.5 million grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to the School of Arts and Sciences, later supplemented by the Mary and David Boies Family Fund. Both the University and SAS designate "democracy and constitutionalism" as a central theme for Penn research and teaching; and the rise of constitutional democracies has transformed billions of people from subjects to citizens.  In 2006, SAS Dean Rebecca Bushnell authorized the Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism Program to promote scholarship at all levels on these topics.

The DCC Program has four components:

The DCC Faculty Workshop Series and Spring Conference bring leading scholars from around the world to
present papers on aspects of an annual theme chosen by Penn faculty.

The DCC Postdoctoral Fellowship is awarded each year to a scholar in any discipline who has received a doctorate within the last five years and is doing research pertinent to the annual theme of the fellowship year. DCC Postdoctoral Fellows teach one course in the School of Arts and Sciences and assist DCC Undergraduate Grant Recipients.

Three DCC Graduate Fellowships are awarded each year to post-prospectus Penn graduate students whose research is pertinent to the themes of democracy, citizenship, and/or constitutionalism. The DCC Graduate Fellows organize a DCC Graduate Workshop in which graduate students from Penn and other institutions present their research.

Ten DCC Undergraduate Research Grants are awarded each spring to undergraduates for research projects related to the themes of democracy, citizenship, and/or constitutionalism. The DCC Undergraduate Research Grant recipients participate in a year-long DCC Undergraduate Research Seminar and present their work in a public conference at its end.

The Penn Program on Democracy, Citizenship, and Constitutionalism is administered by an interdisciplinary Faculty Executive Committee which oversees all of the DCC Program's main components. It approves program themes, appoints a Faculty Planning Committee for each year's Faculty Workshop Series and Spring Conference, and selects the DCC Graduate Fellows.