The main difference between this course and CHIN411 is the reading materials and topics. This course is designed for students who have completed a minimum of three years of college level Mandarin classes or equivalent. This course may be used to fulfill language or elective requirement for Chinese major or minor. The objectives of the course are 1) to help students gain an in-depth, multi-faceted and critical understanding of Chinese people, Chinese society and Chinese culture; 2) to facilitate students acquisition of formal or written language; and 3) to develop students' analytical and critical thinking skills. These objectives are achieved primarily through 1) close reading and discussion of original literary texts by 20th-century Chinese writers; and 2) regular writing exercises. Students will also view several Chinese films that are related to the topics of the reading text. The class is to be conducted exclusively in Chinese.
Section 001 - LEC
TR 0300PM-0430PM