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Language Specialist

Christy Shea has been teaching in the ELP since 2004 and became a Language Specialist in 2008.  After graduating from Houghton College in 1998, Ms. Shea began teaching English and library research at Nassa Theological College in Tanzania, East Africa. When she returned to the US in 1999, she taught high school ESL and American history in New York State. 

She earned her M.A. in TESOL from Wheaton College in Illinois.  While in the Chicago area, she taught English to immigrants with a non-profit organization, World Relief.  After moving to Philadelphia, Ms. Shea began teaching at Montgomery County Community College and the University of Pennsylvania. In addition to creating a continuing education course in English pronunciation at Montgomery County Community College, Ms. Shea also taught ESL and academic writing for speakers of other languages. 

At the ELP, she has taught a variety of courses in the Intensive Program, Conversation and Culture program and International Teaching Assistant program.  Professionally, Ms. Shea’s interests include intelligibility, vocabulary acquisition and creative writing.  She most enjoys interacting with students and learning about their lives and languages.