International professionals who seek a dynamic and successful career in today's diverse global business environment must be able to function at a high level of competence in English in order to achieve their professional goals; otherwise, they risk losing important career opportunities.

The International Business Communication Program (IBCP) at the University of Pennsylvania is a four-week program designed for business professionals with advanced proficiency in English who want to improve the effectiveness and confidence with which they communicate in professional situations in English. The IBCP consists of more than 25 hours per week of instruction and other organized activities and is designed around an ongoing, integrated skills business simulation, which presents new challenges every day for the motivated global business person.

The program includes:

  • business communications skills training
  • business perspectives activities
  • ongoing business simulation
  • social and cultural activities
  • average class size 8-14 participants
  • access to University academic and recreational facilities
  • certificate for successful completion of the program
  • extensive web-based support for communication classes, self-access study, and simulations