Business Communications Skills

Participants will develop strategies to:

  • interact more comfortably and appropriately with international colleagues at work and in social settings
  • participate more effectively in meetings
  • negotiate a more favorable outcome to business ventures
  • respond more sensitively to international communication styles
  • give more persuasive public presentations
  • write more clear and concise business correspondence
  • use powerful, expanded business vocabulary in speaking and writing

Business Perspectives

Business perspectives activities are designed to increase participants' understanding of North American business practices, to give them access to public and private business resources available in the USA, and to provide opportunities for further development and practice of business communications skills. Activities can include:

  • guest lectures at the Wharton School of Business
  • workshops on communication styles and conflict resolution given by a professional corporate trainer
  • workshop on brand identity and marketing provided by a brand identity consultant
  • briefings by local business leaders
  • opportunities to network with business people at other events, such as World Affairs Council Receptions, Chamber of Commerce meetings, and International Visitors Council receptions

Ongoing Business Simulation

Working in simulation teams that take advantage of each person's individual business skills and experience, IBCP participants respond to a series of realistic and sometimes unexpected business situations. The simulation is a dynamic, realistic framework for using effective new language skills.

Social and Cultural Activities

Throughout the program, participants have opportunities to take part in excursions and events, such as:

  • visits to Philadelphia museums
  • observation of a trial at the Criminal Court
  • visit to African-American church service featuring gospel
  • professional sports events
  • tours of historic Philadelphia (Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, etc.)
  • access to the second largest shopping mall in the USA
  • access to New York, Washington, DC, or the Atlantic City casinos and beaches