Business professionals take a variety of courses that assist them in further developing their professional communication skills in English as well as improving their understanding of cultural differences in business.  Courses facilitate students in developing strategies to participate more effectively in meetings, negotiate more favorable outcomes to business ventures, communicate clearly with data, give more persuasive formal presentations, and use new powerful business vocabulary.  Working in simulation teams that take advantage of each person's individual business skills and experience, IBCP participants respond to a series of realistic and sometimes unexpected business situations.  The simulation is a dynamic, realistic framework for using effective new language skills. 

Participants at the Intermediate Speakers level (2 week program) focus on presenting, negotiating, leading, and team-building skills.  An online component that assists in enhancing business writing skills is available to supplement the shorter program.

Participants at the Advanced Speakers level (4 week program) cover all business communication skill sets, including similar topics noted above as well as building global strategies, speaking strategically, and writing business communications effectively.  This longer and more advanced program offers a deeper understanding and mastery of effective communications skills as well as exposure to a broader range of business content.  

Socio-Cultural Components

Throughout the program, students participate in activities that broaden their business perspectives, such as attending guest lectures at the Wharton School of Business, or networking with business people at events such as the World Affairs Council receptions, Chamber of Commerce meetings, and International Visitors Council receptions.  Participants also have opportunities to take part in excursions and events, such as visits to Philadelphia museums, professional sports events, tours of historic Philadelphia, trips to the second largest shopping mall in the U.S., and travel to New York, Washington, DC, or the Atlantic City casinos and beaches.